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PH-UC-700 Alkaline Under Counter Water Filter

PH-UC-700 Alkaline Under Counter Water Filter

Alkaline Under Counter Water Filter


Product by:
pH Prescription

  • Raises pH to 8.5 – 9.5
  • Increases oxygen in water
  • 5-6 clusters in H20 molecules
  • Maximum Negative Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) -600 mv

Research from the University of Georgia has shown that diseased cells are surrounded by unstructured water and healthy cells are surrounded by structured water. PH Prescription’s technology has advanced to the point where they can now manipulate the simple, taken for granted, water molecule and put it to work. pH Prescription has found the best way to do this is to change the molecular structure of water so that it becomes an antioxidant itself! The best way to do this is by using our proprietary mixture of earth based media with minerals. This process is so incredible. These proprietary medias alter the structure of the water molecule so that it produces (or frees up) millions and millions of electrons, as well as raising the Alkalinity and the voltage to -600mv. This voltage can help heal the damage diabetes causes.

Health Benefits:

Please Note: MotherEarthLabs Humic and Fulvic products must be taken with purified water as city water contains fluoride which will prevent Humic and Fulvic acid products from working! This water filtration system removes fluoride which allows nutrients to work properly to restore your health!

This Naturally Alkaline Water Filter Processor for the kitchen under counter system provides refreshing, healthful, pure alkaline drinking water. This alkaline water filter utilizes Tourmaline Ceramic, which when combined with water, emits Far-infrared rays to produce structured water. Far-infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on organisms. The purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient at protecting cells. Learn More in the FAQ's below.

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