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Hand-Held Shower Head Replacement Filter Which Eliminates Chlorine

Hand-Held Shower Head Replacement Filter

  •  Replacing Hand-held shower filter

    Replacing Hand-held shower filter

Health Benefits:

Did it ever occur to you that the chlorine in your shower and bath water can do more damage to your body than drinking it?

Simply stated chlorine is a pesticide, as defined by the U.S. EPA, chlorine's sole purpose is to kill living organisms. When we consume, breath or absorb water containing chlorine, it kills some part of us, destroying cells and tissue inside our body.

Showering or bathing in warm water also further opens pores, so the combination of what your skin absorbs and your lungs inhale during a 10-minute shower is greater than the amount you would ingest drinking 8 glasses of water from the same water source.

Plus, without chlorine in your shower you’ll have softer hair and skin!

Self cleaning head helps prevent clogging. All shower heads come with easy replacement filters.

Hand Held Shower Replacement Filter


Product by:
pH Prescription

  • 100% Proprietary blend of KDF
  • Removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine
  • Replace cartridge every 6-9 months or as needed
  • Exceeds NSF Standard 177 for chlorine removal
  • Filter only fits Hand-held shower
Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)

KDF is patented and proven to remove chloramines, chlorine, bacteria, iron, fungus, algae, hydrogen sulfide, most heavy metals and other contaminates. Just by eliminating the chlorine you can reduce your risk of cancer!

Chlorine, Cancer and Heart Disease

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Chlorine Risks

“Cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”
-U.S. Council of Environmental Quality

“One common factor among women with breast cancer is that they all have 60% higher levels of these chlorination byproducts (THMs) in their fat tissue than women without breast cancer…”

“We are learning the hard way that all the time we thought we were preventing epidemics of one disease, we were creating another. Two decades after the start of chlorinating our drinking water the present epidemic of heart trouble and cancer began.”
-Joseph M. Price, PhD

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Showering In Chlorinated Water

“Up to two-thirds of the harmful effects of chlorine are due to inhalation and skin absorption while showering.”
-The American Journal of Public Health

“A Professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh claims that exposure to vaporized chemicals in the water supplies through showering, bathing, and inhalation is 100% greater than drinking the water.”
-The Nader Report, Troubled Waters on Tap, Center for Study of Responsive Law

“It is also clear and experts agree that chlorine represents a very real and serious threat to our health and should be removed both from the water we drink and the water we shower with.”

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