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Proven Eye Protection

Proven Eye Protection

Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications With Essential Nutrients

With Flavay® I have Prevented, Improved and Reversed Diabetes Eye Complications for myself, family and friends - in addition to faithfully using the Basic Mission Diabetes Management app. I only recommend superior products from companies that I trust and I have personally and successfully used to Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications! Start using Flavay® immediately if you our a loved one is experiencing diabetes related eye problems!
Robert Santoyo, Founder of Mission Diabetes, LLC

Health Warning to Diabetics and Non-Diabetics

Eye problems today affect everyone due to oxidative stress. An example is oxidative stress caused by the light from energy efficient LED light sources. These new LED energy efficient light bulbs produce a damaging blue light source found on computers and cellphones. Eye doctors are seeing a large increase in eye diseases caused by these new LED light sources. They now know this blue light travels deeper into your eye causing oxidative stress resulting in Macular Degeneration, cataracts, retinopathy resulting in loss of vision. This new LED problem compounded with other diabetes related eye problems can result in "Blindness" the most feared of all the diabetes complications. Flavay® is the best clinically proven treatment you can find for preventing or reversing diabetes vision problems. No matter what form of diabetes retinopathy you are experiencing Flavay® works to repair the damage caused by oxidative stress. There is no pharmaceutical/drug or treatment such as laser eye treatments that will reverse the damage caused by diabetes. Everyone who has diabetes should immediately start taking Flavay® as soon as their diabetes doctor or eye doctor says you have any eye disease. You cannot wait to see what happens as it develops very quickly once detected, remember oxidative stress caused by Free Radicals are always damaging your body and by the time you begin to notice health problems you can be close to losing your eyesight. I recommend to all my diabetes friends to take this daily to prevent oxidative stress to your eyes.

If you use a computer or find yourself constantly using social media on your mobile phone you are at RISK! You should be taking Flavay® to protect your eyes. Even those new LED light bulbs you are putting in your house to save money and help the environment are damaging your eyes! If you have a place you read be sure the light source is an incandescent light bulb, this old light bulb doesn't harm your eyesight!

Note: With the proliferation of cell phones, televisions and tablets we use everyday you are being exposed to a blue light source which is extremely dangerous to our eyes. This blue light from these devices cause oxidative stress to your retina. A recent Harvard Health Letter warns that chronic exposure to "blue" (LED, high-energy and digital screen) light may lead to macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal degenerative diseases. So the threat to our eyes is very real with or without diabetes! Children are at an extreme risk because they have been exposed to this "Blue" light almost there whole life! Be sure to watch the movie on "Grounding" on this website to see how to protect your family by using grounding devices at home to prevent oxidative stress caused by Free Radicals.

Flavay® the Original

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Flavay® the Original

Standardized Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins
complex 200 mg per Capsule

FAQ Information & Clinical Studies Below
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I used Flavay® The Original twice in the last 20 years to reverse diabetic retinopathy. I refused to have the laser treatments that the doctors recommended. Two of my family members had the same medical problem and had the Laser Treatments and they both went blind. However, my eyes were examined again after 90 days and there wasn't any evidence I ever had retinopathy!
Robert Santoyo Founder of Mission Diabetes, LLC
Health Benefits for Diabetics

Health Benefits: Direct anti-oxidant to reverse damage caused by AGE's which causes Diabetic Retinopathy. Flavay® is a prescribed nutrient in Europe for the prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy.

Usage: If you are having problems with your eyes this should be your first defense. By taking two tablets twice-a-day, I reversed my diabetic retinopathy. I now just take it daily as a preventative against future eye problems!

Sources of
Free Radicals:

▪ Drinking & bathing in Municipal Water
▪ New energy efficient LED used in computers and mobile phones
▪ Eating "Fast Foods" fried in vegetable oils
▪ Smoking
▪ Your body creates Free Radicals when it makes energy for your cells
▪ Air Pollution
▪ Blackening your food during cooking (BBQ)
▪ Using Canola oil for cooking
▪ Prescription Drugs
▪ Exercising especially intense exercising (anything over 15 minutes should be avoided for diabetics) See Dr. Sears’ P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

Free Radicals cannot be avoided, but as diabetics we age much faster due to uncontrolled Free Radicals. Diabetics lose key nutrients and vitamins which normally protect our bodies from these destroyers of cells, DNA and RNA.
Fortunately are eyes replace cells every 2 days so it makes it possible to see results very quickly. But never chance going blind, if you are told you have diabetic retinopathy you should immediately start taking Flavay®.

Retinas · Maculas · Capillaries
Licensed and sold for vascular and eye health in France, the vascular protective activity of Flavay® has been established by significant studies. In clinical trials of patients with various types of retinal diseases, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, and hemorrhagic and hypertensive retinopathy, all persons showed significant improvement.

Free Radicals cause Diabetes Complications!
Free Radicals cannot be avoided, but as diabetics we age much faster due to uncontrolled Free Radicals. Diabetics lose key nutrients and vitamins which normally protect our bodies from these destroyers of cells, DNA and RNA.
As the picture illustrates a Free Radical is a atom which has an unpaired electron and it will steal an electron from anywhere it can to replace the missing electron. When this happens your body's cells, DNA and RNA are damaged.
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Learn More about Free Radicals in our Diabetes Survival Kit - Edition One.

Coming Soon!

Proanthocyanidin clusters must have a certain molecular size to be effective. Flavay® is forumlated to include only the smallest of proanthocyanidin clusters. The oligomeric (small-cluster) proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in Flavay® are organic clusters of dimers (2), trimers (3), tetramers (4) and pentamers (5) and no larger.

It is these highly defined complexes in Flavay® that have been subject to intensive biological, toxicological, pharmacological and analytical research, approved in Europe as over-the-counter medicines—and that's what makes Flavay® superior.

More than 60 years of solid scientific research, patents and clinical studies, rigorous manufacturing controls and comprehensive identity testing to safeguard quality and consistency; produced at the same French manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical over-the-counter and dietary supplement uses worldwide. Flavay® is the only brand I trust for pure authentic small-cluster OPCs manufactured in France for over 60 years.

Patented Power

The antioxidant and free-radical scavenging effects of Flavay® have been demonstrated in many experimental systems - roughly twice as potent as vitamin E and four times as potent as vitamin C.

Flavay® regenerates (actually recycles) vitamin C after it quenches a free-radical, vastly extending vitamin C's unique powers. Studies show taking Flavay® increases intracellular levels of vitamin C and E. Studies showing that Flavay® increases light-dark visual acuity are attributable to an increase in rhodopsin regeneration (activity of vitamin A).

Flavay® crosses the blood-brain barrier and protects brain cells. Studies comparing Flavay® with vitamins C and E and Beta-carotine found Flavay® produced superior antioxidant activity and DNA protection in brain tissue.

Flavay® has an affinity for vascular tissue and strongly inhibits enzymes involved in degradation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the main components of the extravascular matrix. These effects are attributable to trapping reactive oxygen species and preventing oxidative injury to vascular endothelium.

Flavay® aids in production of endothelial nitric oxide which controls dilation in blood vessels and causes blood platelets to return to normal, smooth condition.

Flavay® nitric oxide activity is important to brain function both as a neurotransmitter and as an immune-transmitter. All higher brain functions require a "well balanced" release of nitric acid.

[A] method for preventing and fighting the harmful biological effects of free-radicals… namely… inflammation… [and] collagen degradation
— U.S. Patent No. 4,698,360

Rigorous testing to meet the standards required by the health ministries of France and other European countries demonstrates that Flavay® is fully bioavailable, nontoxic, nonallergenic, non carcinogenic, non mutagenic and completely safe.

Healthy Eyes & Vision

Retinas & Eye Capillaries

147 out of 147
improvement in retinopathies
all cases of exudations linked to ischemia (inadequate blood supply) improved with Flavay®.

A review of 26 case studies reveals Flavay® significantly improved vascular lesions, micro aneurysms and exudates associated with diabetic retinopathy.

21 out of 26 overall
in subjects with retinopathy, capillary fragility micro aneurysms exudates and hemorrhages

capillary fragility improved in 11 subjects

ocular fundus improved in 15 subjects

The hallmark of optic neurodegenerative diseases (including retinopathy and glaucoma) is retinal ganglion cell-death. Studies show Flavay® protects oxidative stress-injured retinal ganglion cells by inhibiting apoptosis (cell-death).

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While UV light induces oxidative stress to the front of the eye, "blue" light reaches deeper into the eye where its cumulative oxidative stress can damage the retina. A recent Harvard Health Letter warns that chronic exposure to "blue" (LED, high - energy and digital screen) light may lead to macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal degenerative diseases.

Protect Your Eyes From Digital 'Blue' Light

98 out of 100
experienced "significant improvement" in visual performance and sensitivity to light

Clinical trials found taking Flavay® significantly improved retinal sensitivity and recovery after glare in persons with healthy eyes working at computers.

Strengthen Collagen

Since 1950, Flavay® has been approved and sold in France for improved circulation and reduced swelling by strengthening collagen and elastin.

Flavayr® activates synthesis of strong and flexible collagen, improves the ability of collagen to repair itself, and protects collagen and hyaluronic acid from the destructive enzymes elastase, collagenase and hyaluronidase. Flavay® also inhibits cleavage of enzymes secreted during inflammation and infection, and prevents release and synthesis of compounds that promote inflammation (histamine, serine proteases, prostaglandins and leukotrienes).

Free-radicals and aging cause over-crosslinking, making collagen inflexible and non-functional—resulting in stiff connective tissue, brittle and leaky vessels, and weak and saggy skin.

Flavay® strengthens collagen proteins as it supports adequate cross linking and effectively fights the adverse biological conditions which result in over-crosslinking.

Studies show that pure vitamin C is less effective in synthesis of collagen when the phytonutrients of Flavay® are missing.

Flavay® is clinically proven to strengthen collagen, improve circulation and microcirculation, improve capillary permeability, and reduce leakage in legs, eyes and skin.

This means reduced swelling, healthier skin and better visual and cognitive response.

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Reduce Inflammation And Allergies

Flavay® is shown to reduce inflammation by:
1) strengthening vessels and reducing leakage, and
2) preventing release and synthesis of compounds that promote inflammation, such as histamine, serine proteases, prostaglandins and leukotrienes.

Studies show Flavay® protects hyaluronidase from activation, thereby protecting histamine from activation. (Hyaluronidase activation not only causes inflammation, it also breaks down hyaluronic acid and collagen). Flavay® lowers anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activity of histamine with as much as 86% inhibition of histidine decarboxylase. Researchers noted Flavay® has both anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy activity.

In clinical trials, Flavay® significantly reduced swelling and recovery-time after injuries and surgeries.

Two studies of soccer players in France and Austria found players who took Flavay® for ten days following their injuries experienced significantly less swelling than those who did not, and swelling completely disappeared in some who were taking Flavay®.

In a double-blind, controlled trial of 32 women recovering from facial cosmetic surgery, those taking Flavay® for ten days had significantly less swelling than the placebo group.

A study of women recovering from breast surgery, found Flavay® improved pain, skin tension and flexibility in movement.

Anti-inflammatory activity of Flavay®
by interference in histamine action

Note: The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.

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