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"DIY Diabetes Management" Book

The interactive book "DIY Diabetes Management" was written by Type 1 diabetic Robert Santoyo. Robert developed the first Intensive Diabetes Management software "HealthView™ for Diabetes" in 1997. His software was used by over 240 hospitals as it was the first diabetes program which was able to maintain near normal blood sugars. Robert's goal was to match the outcomes of Intensive Diabetes Management of the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial (DCCT Study). This was the first time diabetes patients had access to an "intensive diabetes management app" which could duplicate the DCCT study's Intensive Diabetes therapy. This study indicated that keeping blood sugars within a near normal range could possibly reduce Diabetes Complications by 60%!

Robert has uncovered the true cause of Diabetes Complications and used this information to protect his health. He now wants to bring the truth regarding Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Complications and other ailments to all diabetics. This book is planned to be released at the same time as the New “Basic Mission” App.

Robert tells how he has protected himself from Diabetes Complications over the last 30 plus years as a Type I Insulin Dependent Diabetic. Find out why he says "maintaining tight control of your blood sugar" is very important
but it will not protect you from developing Diabetic Complications. He informs you why Diabetes Complications are an oxidation problem and not an organ problem in Preventing and Reversing Diabetic Complications.

Robert has developed the Basic Mission App to manage your diabetes while getting back your lifestyle before diabetes hijacked it.

You can learn how to manage your diabetes with the interactive Book "DIY Diabetes Management." The book outlines all the best therapies and dietary supplements for diabetics and sheds light on all the bad diabetic therapies and drugs still used in the medical community. You don't want to learn about bad therapies and drugs by using them! Diabetes is not a disease controlled just by taking a pill or injecting insulin. You must take control and understand how to manage your diabetes meal by meal everyday if you want to stay healthy!

The second part of the program is to learn about Dietary Supplements to reduce your risks of developing Diabetes Complications. Everything you will learn is absolutely necessary to reduce or eliminate your risk of developing Diabetes Complications. The American Medical Association (AMA) hides the truth regarding dietary natural supplements and health benefits for diabetes patients. It is impossible to get this information from a doctor unless he has an alternative medicine practice. Plus doctors have little knowledge outside of pharmaceutical drug use, their medical training does not include natural health remedies.

Your therapy as it relates to controlling your blood sugar with medication should start with your healthcare physician, but you must augment your therapy to reduce diabetes complications with natural vitamins and other nutrients. The addition of Dietary Supplements into your daily therapy is critical to preventing and reducing your risks of diabetes complications. Without this important information you will not be able to enjoy life in your retirement years.

The third part of the program is improving your therapy, this requires the tools of a diabetes management app to guide you daily thru all your therapeutic tasks. Once you have all three you will be on your way to maintaining a healthy body.

Also revealed in this book is probably one of the biggest health discoveries designed to keep us healthy automatically just by connecting to it. This discovery has always been under are feet our whole lives and medical science missed it and still doesn't want to recognize it's powerful existence. Find out how this discovery can help you more than anything you could possibly do to improve your health, and it's free.

The DIY Diabetes Management Book and the Basic Mission App will give you a foundation to stay healthy for your entire life. Join Mission Diabetes goal today to Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications for all diabetics!

DIY Diabetes Management will be available at the Apple iBookstore when released. The Apple iBookstore lets you browse books and download them directly to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

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Books get updated for many reasons. Thankfully, the iBooks® app supports book updates. For this reason we have decided to publish on iBooks platform so we can keep diabetics up-to-date with current technology and treatments.
When we update the "DIY Diabetes Management" with new or additional content, iBooks will inform you there is an update. You can then download the updated version free, your old book will be replaced with the new book. Now you can be assured of always having the latest diabetes management information when you need it - Free!

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