Basic Mission App for Diabetes Management

Basic Mission App

The Basic Mission App provides you with a self management solution for improving your diabetes therapy.

The Basic Mission app is designed to collect the necessary information so you can quickly improve your therapy by following our easy Blood Glucose routines. Just enter your diabetes therapy profile and then follow the notification prompts and you will quickly improve your A1c.

The Dashboard/Home screen is designed so you can visually see where you can make changes to improve your A1c. Therapy improvements can be seen daily, no need for complicated reports! Doctors don't have time to download, analyze reports with their patient workload!

Tracking all your blood glucose readings in real-time provides you with actionable insights which can prevent serious medical problems. Give it a try today, the Mission Diabetes App is FREE!

Using the Basic Mission App makes it easy to keep your A1c below 7.0, which is the minimal goal you want to reach. This is the first step to Preventing, Improving and Reversing Diabetes Complications. Our mission goal is to eliminate Diabetes Complications by addressing the real cause - "Free Radicals".

Start by using our Basic Mission app and then learn why Dietary Supplements are the ONLY proven way to Prevent and Reverse medical complications caused by Free Radicals!

iPhone: OS 6.1 or higher:
iPhone's 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C,
6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus,10, 10 Plus, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Plus

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Be sure to check out our "Getting Started Videos" on using the Basic Mission App!

Basic Mission App

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The Basic Mission Dashboard Makes It Easy to Manage Your Diabetes. The Dashboard is perfect to show your Doctor or Diabetes Educator how well you're therapy is working or where you need improvement!

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Be sure to check out our "Getting Started Videos" on using the Basic Mission App!

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Testimonials - Beta Testers

Both my husband and I have diabetes. It is so important to your health to be aware of your daily blood glucose readings and this app has helped us accomplish that. My husband can enter and keep track of his readings and mine. I like the feature that estimates your A1c number and the feature that alerts you of dangerous high and low readings.
Karen B., Dacula, GA

Basic Mission App Features

QuickView Animated Graphics

The "Quick View" report graph lets you touch a Bg reading data point to see relevant information. You can see what is affecting your Bg readings so you can make changes to your mealtime(s) or bedtime therapy to improve your A1c.

Discover where you can make immediate changes to your therapy. Your doctor currently does not have the ability to do this with standard diabetes software or Bg glucose meters! This is a better management tool for improving your health!

Therapy Overview Dashboard

Basic Mission App provides an overview dashboard so you can see a week of meals and bedtime Blood Sugar Readings. See your Bg averages for 14, 30 and 60 days. There is also an estimated A1C average. You can have all your family members information on your mobile device, data is stored on your phone.

Insulin Carbohydrate Formulas

You can have a different Insulin Carbohydrate Formula for every mealtime and bedtime.

Insulin Supplementing Formulas

You can have a different Insulin Supplementing Formula and Correction Formula for every mealtime and bedtime.

Logbook For Review & Editing BG Records

• Real-time Low & High Bg alerts with easy actionable information
• Data is stored on your phone – keep working even without internet service!
• Actionable Reports, therapy insights, and analysis – understand why your blood glucose readings change
• Actionable High & Low Bg alerts and reminders – low Bg alerts keep reminding you until you reach a safe chosen Bg
• Type 1 diabetics can easily track your insulin carbohydrate and supplement formulas
• Unlimited user profiles - manage all your family members on one app

Use Low Cost BG Test Strips

The Basic Mission App doesn't need any special downloading cables or adapters to store your BG Readings. No need to buy expensive test strips to get a better BG Meter, spend this savings for nutrients which can Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications. Our app provides reports that can actually make a difference to your health.

Realtime Actionable Alerts

Not only does the Basic Mission App have Alerts for Low and High Blood sugar readings, but it also provides an adjustable timer to remind user to retest until user blood sugar is normal. The Alert Screen will also show what to do so a caregiver will understand how to provide help.

Oh, don't forget those meal alerts — and you get reminders displayed on your Apple Watch. Mission Diabetes does not have an App Watch App at this time.

Unlimited User Profiles

You can keep all your family members diabetes management on the same mobile phone. Managing all family members on a single mobile device makes it easy and convenient.

Diabetes Causes Health Risks You Can't See

The Basic Mission Handles These Serious Problems

Low Blood Sugars:
It happens to everyone with diabetes. Every diabetic needs immediate attention when this happens. It is more prevalent in Type I's but it can be more serious for Type II's because they don't have them as often and may be unprepared. Don’t worry - we have you covered with Alert Notifications!

Tip: Basic Mission App has Carbohydrate Counting Formulas which is the best way to take your insulin to cover your meals and prevent low Bg's.

High Blood Sugars:
Diabetic Ketoacidosis occurs when your blood sugar is above 240 and stays above 240. This can be life threatening.

The Basic Mission App will provide you with your Insulin Supplementing Formulas so you can take the insulin required to bring your blood sugar back to your target Bg.

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