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About: Robert Santoyo Founder of Mission Diabetes, LLC Biographical Information

I founded MissionDiabetes, LLC in 2006. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 40+ years. I am happily married and I have been an entrepreneur, health freedom advocate, diabetes researcher, a master bench jeweler, diabetes software developer and author. After losing several family members to Diabetes Complications, I refused to accept the notion that today’s diabetes medical treatments were effective in Preventing Diabetes Complications. I have made it my Mission to share the most remarkable diabetes health discoveries I have uncovered on my Diabetes Mission to Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications.

I started MissionDiabetes to inform diabetics about alternative safe natural supplements that help the body heal naturally. The way the medical industry and media suppresses these medical treatments is very disturbing!

Nulife Sciences discovery all started when Dr. Hans Vink noticed a gap between red blood cells and the lining of capillaries. So he spent 3 decades finding out why there was a gap! This led to his development of a new FDA Approved Medical Device called GlycoCheck™ which can test your entire microvascular system. Dr. Vink discovered how this Glycocalyx lining acts like teflon to protect the endothelial lining of our blood vessels. When this Glycocalyx is damaged it causes the real problems for all the organs of the body. Slowly your tissues are no longer fed the nutrients they need and the organs starve for nutrients, ending with organ failure! They eventually discovered how to restore the Glycocalyx in your microvascular/cardiovascular system so your organs could heal, eliminating the disease!

As a diabetic you need to check out the company NuLife Sciences, because their Medical device called GlycoCheck™ now can test your complete microvascular system. Your microvascular system is 99% of your complete vascular system! NuLife Sciences has an all natural plant based Patented nutraceutical called "
Endocalyx" which can restore the Glycocalyx.

What's the big deal! If you restore your Kidney's damaged Glycocalyx you will gradually restore your kidney function! Check out the NuLife Sciences page, at the bottom you will see the video called "The Science - Week 3. Watch this video about hypertension and then around 30 minutes, Dr. Vink talks about how it reversed kidney disease with a patient taking Endocalyx. You can see the progression of a patient's kidney health improve over 14 months with the GlyoCheck™ medical device test results. If you have Kidney disease be sure to check out NuLife Sciences as they have a product called "Endocalyx" which can reverse kidney disease!!! Note: Research has shown you will need to take two bottles per month to repair your microvascular system to restore your kidneys. The patient in the research study was at a normal kidney function in 14 months. This patient actually stopped taking the Endocalyx for a few months, which delayed their recovery by months! See video - The Science Week - 3 at the bottom of the Nulife Sciences page. If you have any questions please use the email on Nulife Sciences page to contact me.

Let me unveil some of the causes of Diabetes Complications and what you can do to protect yourself. It is extremely hard to convince others with diabetes to question the treatments or "Standards of Care" their doctors are prescribing. For example, my immediate family all followed the "Diabetes Standards of Care" their doctors recommended and they all developed severe Diabetes Complications. While they developed more Diabetes Complications I reversed the same Diabetes Complications with natural remedies!

I took a different path, I stopped "Free Radicals" before they could damage my body! It's much easier
to prevent diabetes complications than to reverse diabetes complications. If you do any research in diabetes related damage to the body you will find at the core of the problem are "Free Radicals". These Free Radicals develop into Advanced Glycation Endproducts or AGE's. AGE's are very dangerous and are responsible for most diabetes complications. High blood sugars are responsible for damaging your Glycocalyx which protects the lining of your capillaries and for filtering toxins and preventing proteins from leaking out of your Kidneys. Your kidneys rely on the Glycocalyx to filter toxins and prevent proteins from leaking from your kidneys. Over time toxins such as, pharmaceuticals, high blood sugars, insulin and AGE's, slowly damage your kidney's filtering system.

So your first goal is to manage your blood sugars to
reduce the amount of glucose in your blood. Left uncontrolled and you will have more Free Radicals and AGE's. AGE's are large Free Radicals which are more destructive. Every diabetic should be using "Carbohydrate Formulas" to adjust your insulin to cover your meals! This method is far superior than other methods to keep your blood sugar in a near-normal range.

In comparison my family members used the "Insulin Sliding Scale Method" and "Food Exchanges" to adjust the amount of insulin they injected for meals. In contrast I controlled my blood sugar by using Carbohydrate Formulas and I could basically eat whatever I wanted! All my family members with diabetes died from Diabetes Complications (blindness, leg amputations and finally kidney failure). This is what happens when you follow the medical industry's "Diabetes Standards of Care" regimen!

Another medical problem for diabetics is Diabetic Retinopathy. I had this two times but I had already found a way to reverse the damage to my eyes. I use a natural nutrient called "Flavay" and you can find on the
Nutrients page. Your eyes replace the rod cells (black & white vision) and cone cells (seeing color) of your retina every two days. So, with the right nutrients your eyes will quickly repair themselves. The first time I got diabetic retinopathy I refused the "Standards of Care" Eye Laser Surgery. I was told I would be blind in a year if I didn't have the Laser Surgery. I had already discovered what caused Retinopathy and what nutrients I needed to reverse the problem. I agreed to return in ninety days to recheck my eyes, he said there was no cure for Diabetic Retinopathy but he would do whatever he could to save my eyesight. I always use doctors to confirm my remedies are working so I agreed to return in 90 days to see how I was doing.

When I returned to have my eyes re-examined, the doctor couldn't believe his eyes, as he could find no evidence I ever had Diabetic Retinopathy! In comparison my mother and sister both had Diabetic Retinopathy and they both lost their eyesight and they followed the doctor's "Standards of Care" which was the Laser Eye Treatments. Laser Eye treatments to slow down the disease always causes irreversible scarring to your eyes resulting in loss of vision and/or blindness.

I had Diabetic Retinopathy twice in twenty years and both times - eliminated it! Not only did I reverse Diabetic Retinopathy twice but I reversed a "cataract" and experienced no loss of vision from either problem!

Since I was successful in reversing my Diabetic Retinopathy, I started searching for other nutritional remedies for other Diabetes Complications. I have reversed Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Neuropathy, Kidney Disease (unfortunately the natural supplements I used to reverse my father's kidney disease was purchased by the Pharmaceutical Industry and taken off the market). My father was on Kidney Dialysis for only 7 months before the doctor said he didn't need to be on Kidney Dialysis any longer. Check out the video, The Science - Week 3 on the
Nulife Sciences page to see how Endocalyx reversed kidney disease with one of the test patients!

In 1997 I started developing the first Intensive Diabetes Management Computer Software and demonstrated it at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Convention in 1998. Our team consisted of myself and two extremely talented computer programmers and an Endocrinologist.

Our team spent 3 years developing a software program designed to maintain near-normal blood glucose while you ate food you actually liked! This was the first time this was accomplished with precision and the software could identify specific problems with patient diabetes therapies very quickly - within days! Our diabetes management software, called “HealthView for Diabetes” was twenty years ahead of all companies selling diabetes products. This is what the medical companies told us and we sold our software to more than 300 Diabetes Educators, Diabetes Dietitians, Endocrinologists, and hospital Administrators around the world!

But the medical community secretly were out to destroy our company. They went to the FDA and told them we needed to be stopped! The previous year I had gone to Washington to meet with a Law Firm which dealt with the FDA regarding medical technology. They showed our diabetes software to the FDA to see if we were in violation of any medical laws. The FDA at this time had no laws for software only drugs. We were compliant since there was no laws with respect to software calculating insulin for daily meals.

This however didn't provide us any protection. Secretly the medical community went into action to destroy our company. They approached medical companies which had committed to purchasing our software to drop all communication with us! Absolutely no company would talk to us at the next ADA Convention in 1999 were we were to sign million dollar contracts for our diabetes software! Even though all my business prospects were eliminated overnight I still continued to research diabetes and I made more discoveries to help diabetics protect themselves from Diabetes Complications.

I continued researching on my own and decided to offer my diabetes information directly to diabetics thru the internet! MissionDiabetes was founded to provide helpful information to diabetics who were searching for a better way to protect themselves from Diabetes Complications. Our company lost the opportunity to help millions of people protect themselves from blindness and amputations. What little respect I had for that industry was eliminated as I realized they are only interested in MONEY!!! Remember this the next time you're at the doctor's office, but know some doctors will try to help you but you must be very careful when choosing a doctor. Unfortunately, they are afraid of losing their medical license if they use natural nutrients! Can you imagine how frustrated doctors must be to be restrained from helping patients, and this is happening in America today! America,
Home of the Not So FREE! Doctors are not acting on their own, but are being manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry, and they use the FDA as police!

I made it my Mission to share the most remarkable discoveries I made on my Mission to Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications. I found that most medical problems (diseases) were all linked to a common cause, "Free Radicals" and if left uncontrolled for years, would develop into Diabetes Complications. I had discovered how to control "Free Radicals" which can Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications. There are no prescription drugs which can Improve, Prevent or Reverse Diabetes Complications.

Drugs are synthetic and cannot repair or make new cells because you need natural ingredients so your body can repair itself. You must provide your body with the 74+ essential nutrients your body requires so you can build new cells and stay healthy. To regain one's health you just need to provide your body with all the 74+ nutrients, clean water (No chlorine, No Fluoride) clean air, learn about toxins and stay away from consuming or applying them to your body. This will help your body rebuild new cells and repair cells which repair your organs so you can be healthy for many years even with diabetes!

I also am providing the necessary products on this website that I personally take to Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications. It is extremely important to take the exact products which contain the researched nutrients, correct amount, and was processed properly to maintain the synergy of the product to ensure the health benefits!

Remember to listen to your doctor but with an informed brain. Take his knowledge and combine it with yours to make better decisions regarding your health. Just know doctors are restricted to prescribing only pharmaceuticals. Now the pharmaceutical industry can now produce a very close match to our body's natural insulin. So Type 1 diabetics have a far superior and safer substitute to manage their blood sugar. Now there is a very safe natural supplement listed on this website which can be used by Type 2 diabetics.

(New Information Update on COVID-19 Aug 20, 2021) Pathologists just finished research on COVID-19 this year 2020. They found that COVID-19 was designed to attack your microvascular system by damaging your Glycocalyx! This means it attacks your complete cardiovascular and microvascular systems! This is why people are dying from an acute inflammatory condition referred to as a "cytokine storm". This is when your own body's immune system is attacking not only the invading virus but also your healthy cells! But now "pathologists at University Hospital in Zurich have now discovered that patients are not just suffering from an inflammation of the lungs, but also from an inflammation of all endothelial tissue in a wide range of organs." Using an electron microscope, the pathologists verified for the first time that COVID-19 is present and causes cell necrosis (death) in endothelial tissue. They now know "COVID-19 is a systemic inflammation of the blood vessels and we may now also refer to the disease as COVID-Endotheliitis".

Read "What is COVID-19, The Newest Research" a pdf on the
NuLife Sciences page". Not only does NuLife Sciences Research also proved this, but they have Endocalyx a nutrient which can restore damaged Glycocalyx which protects your capillaries, arteries and veins from COVID-19. People with diabetes have more glucose in their microvascular system which also causes damage to your Glycocalyx. This is why COVID-19 can cause more damage to those with damaged Glycocalyx like, diabetics, cardiovascular patients, and patients with heart and lung disease.

Pharmaceutical Companies have changed the laws and can now directly advertise to the public thru television ads. The media now receives most of their income from Pharmaceutical Advertising so the media is held hostage to their inability to say anything negative regarding unsafe drugs for fear of losing the immense advertising dollars from the pharmaceutical drug cartels.

I hope you take advantage of the information on this website.

Sincerely, Robert Santoyo Founder of Mission Diabetes, LLC

Take Control of Your Diabetes

Don't Run With The Pack!

Following the Diabetes
"Standards of Care"
Can Harm Your Health!

These Two Companies Offer the Best Science To Reverse/Relieve Several Diabetes Complications/Symptoms

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VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology) optimizes your brain so it has more capacity to increase your brain's potential in controlling and repairing your body. This technology works very fast, in most cases in less than a minute! One person who had an extreme case of rheumatoid arthritis and was unable to raise his arms up over his head, and his hands were closed like a fist and he couldn't use them. He couldn't get out of a chair without help. His ankles were extremely swollen and painful. He received some HPT socks and insoles for his shoes. Within a few hours he could left his arms straight out and the next morning, up over his head. His ankles were no longer swollen and he could get up from a chair by himself. The next day his hands had opened up and he could for the first time in years - grasp something with his hands! Now this didn't happen in less than a minute like most people, but then again most people are not experiencing a depilating disease like rheumatoid arthritis. In contrast, he wasn't regaining any mobility taking arthritis medications.

Some of the benefits everybody seems to notice immediately are Improvements in Balance, Stability, Power, Stamina, Reaction Time, Pain Relief, Energy, Recovery Time and Posture. Tests have proven HPT wearers are 8 times less likely to fall wearing HPT technology!

One of the biggest research studies done with Voxx HPT was for Diabetic Neuropathy with 1000 diabetes patients with a pain level of at least a four on the Universal Pain Scale. Ninety (90%) of study patients reported a reduction of pain on the Universal Pain Scale. Seventy (70%) of study patients reported a pain of 2 or less on the Universal Pain Scale. HPT produced these results with No Drugs, No Surgery, or Electrical Stimulation! I think that is a really big deal as I don't know of anything Doctors can do for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy. And all of this is done with HPT SOCKS, HPT INSOLES AND HPT PATCHES. See the Complete Research on the
VoxxLife page on this website.

Note: Voxx HPT also helps to rebuild your microvascular system if you're taking
NuLife Sciences nutrient "Endocalyx". Note: You will need to take two bottles of Endocalyx to restore your Glycocalyx in your capillaries so the blood can provide oxygen and nutrients to your cells and organs! Diabetics, Endocalyx has shown in studies to restore your glycocalyx in your kidney's microvascular system. They are researching the connection of restoring your kidneys glycocalyx to lowering blood pressure by buffering sodium! I know of nothing else which can restore any of these two major medical problems!

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NuLife Sciences has developed a video microscope which can analyze your microvascular system which comprises 99% of your vascular system. Using this technology they can provide a patient with a single score from 0 to 10. A good score would be from 7 to 10. Most people they tested were in the range between 4.5 to 5. This is on the low range and they require the product called "Endocalyx" to restore their Glycocalyx. This product is very successful in restoring the health of your microvascular system. Endocalyx is a natural product and does not interfere with pharmaceuticals you maybe taking.

Why is this so important for diabetics? Because not only did they discover the problem, but they were able to test nutrients to find the ones which restored the damaged Glycocalyx. Glycocalyx is extremely important for the filtering function of your kidneys and is open of the main causes of kidney damage. It is also the main cause of cardiovascular disease. It's not caused by high cholesterol from eating foods containing saturated fats!! But if your Glycocalyx is damaged you lose the protection it provides for the lining of your microvascular system and your cardiovascular system. With the lost of the protection of the Glycocalyx, cholesterol can reach and damage the wall of your vascular system. Now cholesterol can collect on the walls due to inflammation caused by the friction of red blood cells rubbing against the lining of your cardiovascular and microvascular system, veins and capillaries. The friction causes inflammation, blood components (cholesterol) now can attach to your cardiovascular wall lining eventually creating life threatening blockages!

The bottom line is these research scientists know now that you protect your health by taking their product called Endocalyx. If you take one bottle per month you can maintain your current state of your Glycocalyx. But, if you take two bottles a month you can begin restoring your damaged Glycocalyx. You can start reversing kidney and heart disease by taking Endocalyx, to rebuild your Glycocalyx.

No diabetic wants to hear they have kidney disease or heart disease. So now there is a simple SAFE and AFFORDABLE product called Endocalyx to protect your health. NuLife Science's Endocalyx can rebuild your Glycocalyx to a healthy state, reversing the damage to your organs! Watch the videos from NuLife Science to learn more.

Take Action Today To Prevent Diabetes Complications Tommorrow!


Diabetes Management App

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Discover Grounding - The Best Diabetes Protection Against Free Radicals!

Our bodies are designed to be connected to the earth so we can receive an unlimited amount of Free Electrons. Grounding is the absolute best way to eliminate Free Radicals which damage our cells, DNA, RNA, Telomeres and Organs. This should be your first defense against Diabetes Complications.

Grounding only requires a grounding device which is connected to the earth or the ground of your home's electrical outlet (your electrical outlet Ground is connected to an outside Grounding Rod). Grounding quickly changes your physiology in just 30 minutes of use. It changes your red blood cells so they can carry more oxygen and they can move faster thru your vascular system because they become charged! This charging they get also keeps them from touching one another which is the cause of strokes and blood clots. With Grounding you don't need dangerous blood thinners! Click the button below and watch the two videos to see how many aliments people in the video eliminated by simply Grounding themselves. This is your best defense against Free Radical Damage the root cause of all Diabetes Complications.

That Great Feeling you get when you go to the Beach is a result of being Grounded! You can get that same Good Feeling by using a Grounding Device in your home. They are simple to use while working at your computer, watching television or while you're sleeping! Remember Free Radicals go unnoticed until you have a real medical problem! If you have inflammation you have a Free Radical Problem!!


Protect Your Nerves & Kidneys

There's no denying it, maintaining normalized blood glucose will not protect you from developing kidney and nerve damage. But a vitamin called B1 Benfotiamine in the product called NerveRenew has been clinically shown to Prevent, Improve and Reverse both kidney and nerve damage.

You should be taking NerveRenew with B1 Benfotiamine daily as a preventative against kidney and nerve disease! It has been shown that a high percentage of newly diagnosed diabetics already have some nerve damage! That's why it is important you also take Nerve Optimizer with R-Alpha Lipoic Acid which is required to build new nerve cells. Benfotiamine and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid should be taken everyday to prevent kidney and nerve damage and to rebuild new cells!

Also, be aware that you require R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. There is a S-Alpha Lipoic Acid but it is not the type used in the clinical trials that worked to reduce and improve nerve damage! If the product you take doesn't show R-Alpha Lipoic Acid than it will definitely be the S-type as it is cheaper to manufacture and they are hiding this important information from you.


Protect Your Eyes

The number one cause of blindness is Diabetes. You can stop diabetic retinopathy and reverse it with safe nutrients. Current medical intervention relies on Laser Eye Treatments which always damages your eyes. Two of my family members had Laser Eye Treatments and both lost their eyesight. To eliminate the problem you must heal the cells in your cells.

The safe nutrients in the product called Flavay® can heal your retinas and eye capillaries. In various clinical trials, Flavay® showed significant improvement with various types of retinal degenerations including diabetic retinopathy.


Drink Healthy Filtered Water

Your body requires clean filtered water for you to maintain your health. I recommend the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (PHRO1100) which does the following:

  1. Micro clusters water molecules
  2. Raises pH of water between 8.5 and 9.5
  3. Provides up to -600mv to the water
  4. Provides 7 stages of filtering
  5. Removes dangerous chemicals like chlorine, fluoride (a neurotoxin) and heavy metal toxins
Clean water is also necessary for the body to use Humic and Fulvic acids. These two acids are necessary for the body to distribute nutrients to your cells and to change minerals into their ionic form so the cells can properly use them to heal.


Rethinking Diabetes "Standards of Care" That Just Don't Work!

Diabetes "Standards of Care" just isn't protecting diabetics from Diabetes Complications! For decades diabetics have been offered the same diabetes medications which don't Prevent Diabetes Complications.

Do you have what it takes to take charge of your diabetes? Watch the video below to see how one medical doctor is reversing diabetes by not following the diabetes "Standards of Care" protocols.

Watch Video

Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at IU Health Arnett, a program she created. She is board certified in both obesity medicine and internal medicine and has a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology.

She is explaining in this video why the "Standards of Care" which calls for excessive consumption of carbs for each meal and snacks is harmful to our bodies! Reducing carbs can substantially lower your requirements for oral meds and insulin, which can lead to the reversal of diabetes.

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