Neuropathy Support Formula

Neuropathy Formula

Prevent, Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications With Essential Nutrients

With the product(s) listed below I have Prevented, Improved and Reversed Diabetes Complications for myself, family and friends - in addition to faithfully using the Basic Mission Diabetes Management app. I only recommend superior products from companies that I trust and I have personally and successfully used to Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications! Start using these immediately for a lifetime of protection from Diabetic Neuropathy!
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Health Benefits for Diabetics

This formula contains anti-oxidants like R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. But the key ingredient in this formula is B1 Benfotiamine which prevents the the large oxidative molecules called Advanced Glycation Endproducts AGE's from damaging your kidney's, eyes and nervous system. The R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is to rebuild new nerve cells, most Alpha Lipoic Acid you get a from nutritional stores use the S-Alpha Lipoic Acid which doesn't work and will actually prevent your body's R form of Lipoic Acid from working!

Usage: It is very important to take this everyday for life to protect yourself from the large Free Radical molecules called Advanced Glucose End-products or AGE's.

Vitamin B1 Benfotiamine
You probably have heard before that Vitamin B1 called thiamine is good for relieving neuropathy pain for diabetics. Unfortunately this common form of thiamine is water soluble and is difficult for the body’s cells to absorb.

However Benfotiamine is a lipid based molecule and its bioavailability is 3.6 times* greater than thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamin B1 commonly found in pharmacies and grocery stores). Benfotamine is now readily available to everyone. The patent expired many years ago for benfotiamine and it has been used successfully for decades in Japan and Europe to prevent kidney damage in diabetes patients. Benfotiamine has no side effects and can be taken safely with other medications.

Now you can take benfotiamine and since it is a lipid based molecule it easily passes thru cell membranes providing protection against free radicals. You also get the benefit of increased Thiamine Pyrophosphate (TTP) which provides more protection against retinopathy, nephropathy, polyneuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, general nerve health along with the coronary health. Diabetics and non-diabetics both receive the benefits of benfotiamine! One German study showed benfotiamine relieved neuropathy pain in just 3 weeks with a dosage of 600mg daily.

*(Clinical Study in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology)

B1 Benfotiamine & R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Reverses Diabetic Neuropathy

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"These findings indicate that methyl-B12 promotes regeneration of degenerating nerve terminals" Says scientist K. Yamazaki - 1994

"An overall beneficial therapeutic effect on the neuropathy status was observed in all three groups during the study, and a significant improvement in most of the parameters studied appeared already at the 3rd week of therapy. The greatest change occurred in the group of patients receiving the high dose of benfotiamine"
Says researcher G. Winkler - 1999

"It is quite clear that benfotiamine is absorbed much better than water-soluble thiamine salts: maximum plasma levels of thiamine are about 5 times higher after benfotiamine. The bioavailability is at maximum about 3.6 times as high as that of thiamine"
Scientist D. Loew - 1996

"Ultra-high dose methylcobalamine promotes nerve regeneration."
Scientist T. Watanabe - 1994

"The active group showed statistical improvement... and no side effects were encountered."
Researchers from King Khalid University

"The antioxidant therapy with R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid improves and may prevent diabetic neuropathy." Researcher L Andore - 2000

"Treatment with R-Alpha Lipoic Acid over 3 weeks is safe and effective in reducing symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy"
Scientist FA Gries - 1997

"Oral treatment with R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for 5 weeks improved neuropathic symptoms."
Scientist D Ziegler - 2006

"The active group showed statistical improvement in the somatic and autonomic symptoms with regression of signs of diabetic neuropathy. The drug was easily tolerated by the patients and no side effects were encountered."
Scientist R Sulimani - 1992

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