Seagate Olive Leaf Extract®Immunity Booster

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Seagate's Olive Leaf Extract is the powerhouse of antimicrobial agents. It's even shown great promise against chronic fatigue syndrome, breast and prostate cancer, HIV and arthritis. But Olive Extract has the ability to destroy MRSA, the most dangerous of infectious diseases in less than an hour. Other dangerous fungal infections wiped out by Seagate's Leaf Extract, Strep, Candida albicans (which causes dangerous fungal infections with patients on chemotherapy and transplant patients), and E. coli.

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Olive Leaf Extract
(450 mg - 45 capsules)

Health Benefits for Diabetics

Health Benefits for Diabetics:

Seagate's Olive Leaf Extract Immune System Booster:

People with diabetes can have a diminished ability to fight off germs, viruses and other bodily invaders that can lead to such ailments as colds, flu, certain diseases and other threats to our well-being. Due to Diabetes Complications many diabetics find themselves needing hospital care more often. With the proliferation of MRSA and other microbial and fungal infections becoming wide spread in hospitals or a nursing home, it is paramount to take a broad antimicrobial agent to boost your immunity before you enter the hospital. Olive leaf has worked so well against MRSA that it is used in hospitals in Hungary as their official infectious disease remedy! Unlike antibiotics Seagate Olive Leaf has no toxic effects even when taken in large amounts. Note: There are hundreds of Olive Leaf Extracts listed if you search for Olive Leaf products, but only Seagate's has the immune boosting ability I am talking about.

About Seagate Olive Leaf products:

  • 100% Pure; pesticide-free, chemical-free, filler-free and free of inactive substances
  • A Natural Product; derived only from Olive Leaves
  • Grown, harvested and processed by Seagate; processed by cold-press freshwater extraction, without the use of any chemicals, solvents or alcohol
  • Contains natural antioxidants and natural phytochemicals including Oleuropein; doctor recommended
  • Each batch has been tested by independent laboratories for quality and purity at four points during the harvesting and production process

Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray 1 0z
Seagate Olive Leaf Extract 90 capsules 450 mg
Seagate Olive Leaf Throat Spray 1 oz
Seagate Olive Leaf Herbal Mint Tea 24

Seagate handles everything from the production of raw materials to the final bottling of their products. Unlike all the other olive leaf extracts on the market Seagate is the only one to preserve the delicate structure and balance of all the delicate components of the olive leaf. They hand pick the olive leafs from a local source and extract the oil using a cold-press extraction process using fresh water without using any chemicals such as alcohol. This is unique among all companies producing olive leaf extracts!

Olive leaf has been used since 3000 B.C., it was referred to as the "tree of life". It was used for thousands of years for colds and flu.

Olive leaf's active ingredients were isolated in 1969. The American Society for Microbiology tested those components and found they inhibited or killed off more than 50 viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Olive leaf components consist of phytochemicals including oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol which keep pathogens from replicating. Most other olive leaf manufactures only have the oleuropein which is only one of the phytochemicals which protect our bodies from pathogens replicating.

Before Seagate put their Olive leaf product on the market they performed the "challenge test" required by the FDA. An independent lab used high concentrations of bacteria, fungi and mold and injected them into Seagate's Olive Leaf Nasal Spray (liquid form of their powdered capsule product) for over a month of testing.

The Results exceeded FDA standards. 99.9 percent of all bacteria colonies were killed within 60 seconds, with all bacteria dead within six hours. It was the same when they introduced fungi and mold and other pathogens, the Seagate's Olive leaf products exceeded FDA standards. Doctor's don't have a safe or effective antibiotic for MRSA, most of the new MRSA strains are four times more deadly and our resistant antibiotics than past strains. The primary type of antibiotic used now to treat MRSA is called glycopeptide but causes kidney damage. Bottom line you don't want to ever get MRSA, so your best defense and safest defense is to protect your health with Seagate's Olive extract products.

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