BioAstin — Astaxanthin (Antioxidant)

BioAstin — Antioxidant

With the product(s) listed below I have Prevented, Improved and Reversed Diabetes Complications for myself, family and friends - in addition to faithfully using the Basic Mission Diabetes Management app. I only recommend superior products from companies that I trust and I have personally and successfully used to Improve and Reverse Diabetes Complications! Start using these immediately for a lifetime of good health!
Robert Santoyo, Founder of Mission Diabetes, LLC
Health Benefits for Diabetics

Anyone with diabetes should always be aware of Free Radicals and how they cause diabetes complications. To eliminate free radicals you need an antioxidant which supply free electrons which stop free radicals. Astaxanthin is one of the best antioxidants and provides support for your cardiovascular system, eye health, brain support, increase stamina and supports your immune system. This product is great for a general nutritional support to provide a safeguard against Free Radicals when you are not being presented with symptoms of diabetes complications. If you are experiencing diabetes complications then you should take along with this a nutritional supplement which targets that specific organ. An example, for your eyes use "Flavay®", for neuropathy use the "Neuropathy Support Formula" as these nutrients target specific diabetes complications!

Health Benefits of BioAstin Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin has been shown to provide the following:
• Joint and tendon support
• Skin health support
• Supports increased energy
• Support to immune function
• Cardiovascular support
• Brain health support
• Eye health support
• Supports a healthy oxidative balance

Key Nutritional Information
• 100 times stronger antioxidant power than Vitamin E
• 4 times more antioxidant power than beta carotene
• 800 times more antioxidant power than CoQ10
• 6000 times stronger antioxidant power than Vitamin C

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